The ABA Team

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Amy Berisha, Medical Aesthetician & Owner

Amy Berisha is a seasoned medical aesthetician based in Newport Beach, California, with an impressive career spanning over a decade. With a strong focus on addressing skin dysfunctions and disorders, Amy has become a recognized expert in her field. Her journey in the world of skincare began with a personal struggle – battling acne during her teenage years ignited her curiosity to delve into the intricacies of skin health.
This pursuit of excellence led to the creation of Amy Berisha Aesthetics, a testament to her commitment to helping others both look and feel their best.

One of Amy's core aspirations is to cultivate a formidable team of skin experts who share her vision. She envisions a collaborative environment where clients are encouraged to openly discuss their skin challenges, leading to tailored solutions that cater to individual needs. With a keen emphasis on creating comfortable routines that lead to transformative change and enduring results, Amy Berisha is on a mission to redefine the skincare experience.

Rachel Barrad, Practice Manager

Meet Rachel Barrad, a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in customer service and a familial background steeped in accounting. A native of Long Beach, Rachel's roots run deep in the community she calls home. Her journey has been one of dedication and nurturing, both as a devoted mother and as a crucial cornerstone in patient care, happiness, and organizational excellence.

In the tapestry of the organization, Rachel Barrad is the thread that weaves care, dedication, and organization into a harmonious whole at ABA. Her commitment to patient satisfaction and her ability to balance various responsibilities make her an invaluable asset in providing exceptional care and support to all who cross her path.

Faye Hanoian, RNLaser Specialist & Injector

Faye has been a Registered Nurse for over 23 years. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Southern California. Faye spent the first 14 years of her career in intensive care and began her transition to aesthetics when she sought treatment for her own adult-onset acne and hyperpigmentation. While seeking these treatments for her own skin concerns, she became exposed to facial aesthetics and fell in love with the natural and undetectable approach that can be achieved in the hands of the right injector. Faye has been fortunate enough to train under and work for some of the industry’s best; and she is constantly learning and refining her techniques to provide the most desirable outcome. Being a mother to five children, Faye offers a uniquely gentle approach and brings knowledge, compassion, and personalized care to each and every client.

Kristin York, Aesthetician

Kristin is dedicated to providing a transformative experience for every client who walks through the door. With a deep-rooted passion for skincare and an unwavering commitment to helping individuals achieve their beauty goals, Kristin brings a blend of expertise, professionalism, and personalized care to every treatment. 

With her years of experience in the industry, Kristin has honed her craft and perfected a wide range of skincare techniques. She offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance both the skin's health and your overall well-being.

Kristin’s warm demeanor and attention to detail create a welcoming and relaxing environment, where clients feel pampered and rejuvenated after every visit. Kristin’s goal is always to leave her clients feeling confident and radiant in their skin.

Seyla Roberts, Lymphatic Specialist & Aesthetician

We are delighted to introduce Seyla Roberts, the newest addition to our team at ABA. Seyla's journey into the realm of aesthetics has been nothing short of inspiring. Driven by her own health challenges and a fervent commitment to holistic skin wellness, Seyla's path has led her to become a practitioner specializing in lymphatic techniques.

Seyla's story is one of resilience, growth, and a passion for embracing the full spectrum of beauty. Her dedication to holistic skin health is a testament to her commitment to making a lasting impact, not just on the surface, but within the very essence of her clients' well-being.

Arlene De Leon, Client Coordinator

Allow us to introduce you to Arlene – the vibrant and music-loving client coordinator who brings an infectious energy to our team at ABA. With a specialization in customer service and a talent for uplifting moods, Arlene is a true gem that brightens up our workspace every day.

Arlene is not just a client coordinator; she's a mood lifter, a smile creator, and a positive force that contributes to the heart and soul of ABA. With her around, you can be sure that every interaction is infused with a touch of joy that enhances the experience for all.


Natalie id a newly licensed aesthetician with a profound passion for skincare, born from her personal journey. Having battled skin issues and acne since the age of 11, she immersed herself in the world of aesthetics to understand and overcome these challenges. Armed with a deep dedication to skin health, she is committed to continuous learning in skincare and overall wellness. She's excited to build lasting connections with both current and future clients, guiding them on their individual paths to radiant skin and self-confidence.

While she continues to learn and develop her skills as an esthetician, you'll see her smiling face at the front desk at ABA.


As a USC alumna, Abby began her career in skincare right out of college as a pharmaceutical representative, calling on dermatologists. Today, she is a distinguished licensed medical aesthetician with dual licensure in both California and Colorado, working in both states on a rotating weekly schedule. Abby is dedicated to helping clients achieve their aesthetic goals through personalized, innovative, and effective skincare solutions, bringing her extensive expertise in advanced skincare treatments to her clientele.

Abby's comprehensive education and numerous certifications in advanced aesthetics have laid the foundation for her successful career. Her commitment to excellence is evident in her continuous pursuit of knowledge through advanced training in the latest technologies and procedures. With a deep understanding of the unique skincare needs of clients in both California and Colorado, she offers a wide range of services. Her medical approach to beauty combines cutting-edge treatments with personalized skincare regimens, empowering clients to maintain optimal skin health.

Known for her professionalism, attention to detail, and joyful demeanor, Abby ensures that every client's experience is exceptional.