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Despite regular exercise and a healthy diet, some stubborn fat areas, like the double chin, can persist. At Amy Berisha Aesthetics, we offer Kybella® injections, a non-surgical solution that targets and eliminates unwanted fat cells beneath the chin using deoxycholic acid. This treatment method is specifically designed to reduce submental fullness and enhance your facial contours, providing a streamlined profile.

Kybella® is administered directly under the chin, effectively destroying fat cells and preventing them from accumulating fat in the future. The treatment is virtually painless, with minimal downtime required. Most patients observe significant improvements in their chin profile after two to four sessions, although up to six sessions may be necessary for optimal results.

Let us help you achieve a more natural and refined chin contour. Discover the benefits of Kybella® at Amy Berisha Aesthetics:

  • Utilizes a naturally occurring molecule (deoxycholic acid) for fat reduction.
  • A non-invasive alternative to chin liposuction.
  • A safe and gentle method for removing chin fat.
  • High patient satisfaction rates.
  • Results-driven and FDA-approved.
  • Ultra-minimal invasive procedure with very short recovery time.

Kybella® is a non-surgical treatment that targets and eliminates fat under the chin. It uses injections of deoxycholic acid to specifically target fat cells, with no incisions required and minimal downtime.

Results typically become apparent about four to six weeks after completing the recommended course of injections.

The typical Kybella® treatment plan involves two to four sessions, spaced about four weeks apart. During your consultation, we will tailor the number of treatments to meet your specific aesthetic goals.

Typically, results are visible a few hours after the injection, although it may occasionally take longer.